Tips For Making Your Engagement Rings Appear Bigger

Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

If you’re wondering how you can make your engagement ring appear larger, you’ll be relieved to learn that there are several options available. You can make your natural diamond or lab-grown diamond appear larger than it is, regardless of your budget, without having to pay the extra cost of increasing the carat size. Here are some ideas for making your engagement rings appear larger, from carefully choosing cuts, sizes, and settings to going for thin bands and fewer prongs.

Round Diamonds Are A Good Option

Many experts are recommending a round brilliant cut diamond for engagement rings because this diamond cut can give the impression that you have a bigger diamond. Round diamonds appear bigger for their carat weight than most cuts due to their form. Because the circular cut isn’t as deep, a lot of the weight is visible in the size.

Do Not Buy Cushion Cut Diamonds

Some designs may appear to be larger, while others will appear to be smaller. Cushion cut diamonds are deep-set, which means that much of their carat weight is hidden beneath the surface.  You should also note that they are one of the most expensive diamond cuts available in terms of carat size.

Try Elongated Cuts

Because they’re elongated shapes and take up a lot of space on your ring finger, oval rings tend to appear larger. Similarly, the oblong form of a marquise or emerald shape gives the impression of a larger stone. All three cuts appear to have a larger carat weight than they actually do.

Pick Slender Prongs

One ingenious method to make your center stone stand out is to make something else stand out less: Look for a setup with fewer prongs that are less noticeable. Instead of having the diamond hidden by prongs, you’ll be able to see much of the diamond’s surface area.

Select Bright White Band For Your Engagement Ring

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

Platinum acts as a mirror, reflecting the colorlessness of the diamond for optimum brilliance and sparkle. This gives the impression that the stone is larger. Interior designers use a wall of mirrors to make a small room appear larger for the same reason.

Try A Halo Or Cluster Setting

Make an informed decision about where you want to go. A center stone is encircled by a halo of lesser pavé stones in halo settings, for example. You can raise the carat size of your engagement ring by using a halo setting without paying much.

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