Things To Know When Planning To Resize Your Rings

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Your significant other has surprised you with a beautiful engagement ring, however, it seems a little off in size. Your loved one will have put so much time and effort into getting the best wedding rings, so you may not want to make him disappointed because of the minor misfit in size. But it is also not possible for you to wear a ring that does not fit you properly. However, you don’t have to fret, as there is a perfect solution available for you. It is possible for you to resize your ring so that it will fit you perfectly. But when planning to resize your ring, there are some important things you have to know. Some of them are mentioned below for your knowledge.

What To Know About Resizing?

Even though resizing is a common and simple process, most people may not be familiar with it. Resizing can be done to increase or decrease the size of your ring. Sizing down your ring is fairly simple when compared to sizing up, as the latter involves the addition of extra metal to increase the circumference of the ring.

A ring can be resized two sizes up or down, and resizing beyond this threshold can exert extra stress on the band thereby increasing the risk of damage.

When To Resize Your Rings?

The size of your finger may shrink or increase in certain circumstances. Also, if your fiancé failed to determine your right ring size when getting an engagement ring, it might also need resizing.

If your ring is uncomfortably tight, then it can be difficult for you to wear it, especially on an everyday basis. But it is possible for you to increase the size of your ring with the help of your jeweler.

Also, if your ring comes off your fingers without any effort, then it can be too loose for you. If the ring is loose, it can increase the risk of losing this precious piece of jewelry. In such situations, you should reduce the size of your ring so it can fit your finger snugly.

If you want to reduce the size for a short period, then it is better to add sizing beads or ring guards to adjust its size rather than resizing.

Rings That Can Be Difficult To Resize

Even though rings that come with small diamonds create beautiful wedding rings, they can be difficult to resize, especially if the stones are covering the bottom side of the band. The simpler the ring is, the easier it is to resize.

Also, it is better to avoid resizing rings that come with the tension setting, as it can damage the ring.

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