What To Know About The Illusion Setting?

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As the name suggests, the illusion setting is created to provide an illusion that the diamond is much bigger than it really is. This setting was invented by a French jeweler called Oscar Massin in the 1850s. The illusion setting was created with the intention to maximize the size of diamonds by manipulating the ring setting used for the stone. This became popular as a low-cost alternative to buying bigger diamonds, as it can offer the illusion of size for smaller diamonds.

A lot of vintage ring designs feature this specific setting and it can be a marvelous way to use small diamonds to create an excellent piece of jewelry.

The Illusion Setting

The illusion setting can trick the eye into seeing a smaller diamond as a much bigger one. The illusion of a bigger size is created with the help of the metal surrounding the stone. This metal will be carefully patterned to imitate the facets of a diamond. Hence, the diamond along with the metal surrounding it together looks like a bigger stone. If you are looking for budget-friendly diamond rings, then this setting can be a wonderful option for you.

Cluster Illusion Setting

The patterned illusion setting that comes with a faceted metal rim that covers a small diamond is the popular option in illusion-set engagement rings. However, there is another variety of illusion settings called the cluster illusion setting. Here, a number of small diamonds are set together in a cluster to create the illusion of a bigger diamond. The combined sparkle created by these stones can also offer a stunning glow to your ring.

As small diamonds have significantly less price per carat when compared to diamonds with higher carat weights, these rings can be highly affordable for you. Also, by choosing lab grown diamonds for your cluster ring, you can make it even more affordable.

Why Choose Illusion Setting?

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

There are some appealing reasons for you to choose an illusion-set ring. Some of the best benefits of this particular ring setting are mentioned below:

  • This can be a great option if you are looking for budget-friendly diamond rings.
  • Rings that come with the illusion setting tend to be creative, elaborate, and unique.
  • These rings are easy for you to clean and maintain.

But if you prefer the unparalleled sparkle and beauty of a bigger diamond, this option might not be suitable for you. The brilliance created by this setting can be lower than a solitaire ring that comes with a bigger diamond. So if you want a bigger diamond for a lower budget, then it is better to go for lab grown diamonds.

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