What You Need To Know About Chameleon Diamonds

Beauty Of Diamond Earrings
Beauty Of Diamond Earrings
Chameleon Diamonds
Chameleon Diamonds

Did you know diamonds are as good at changing colors as chameleons? You can learn all about chameleon diamonds here.

The Chameleon Diamond: What Is It? 

As the name implies, chameleon diamonds change color in response to light, darkness, and temperature. When exposed to heat, this gemstone changes from a solid yellow-green to a yellow-green hue. Upon being removed from heat and exposed to natural light, it returns to its original yellow-green color within minutes.

Types Of Chameleon Diamonds

Chameleon gemstones come in two types: classic and reverse.

A chameleon diamond possesses thermochromic and photochromic characteristics. When heated between 150 degrees Celsius and 250 degrees Celsius, a thermochromic diamond temporarily changes color. When stored in a dark place for a long time, its photochromic characteristic allows it to change to a darker color.

Unlike classic chameleons, reverse chameleon diamonds do not react to temperature changes the way classic diamonds do. As a result of reverse chameleon diamonds’ photochromic properties, they can be stored in a dark place for a long time to change to a lighter gemstone color.

What Causes Chameleon Diamonds To Change Colors? 

The reason chameleon diamonds change color is unknown. Since they change color when exposed to light, there are probably many technical reasons for this. In addition, chameleon diamonds are not very common and thus are not easily available as samples for research and study. Therefore, not much research has been done on them.

Grading Of Chameleon Diamonds 

As part of the GIA’s standard grading procedure, colored diamonds are graded using their visible absorption spectrum. To record the spectrum, the diamond is illuminated. The light is absorbed and transmitted during this process. The transmitted portion of the light determines the diamond’s color.

The absorption spectrum and color of Chameleon diamonds are unique. A lab expert will look for color change behavior in diamonds when heated or exposed to darkness, which Chameleon diamonds do.

Chameleon Diamonds: Key Characteristics

Chameleon Diamond Earrings
Chameleon Diamond Earrings
  • Intense colors aren’t available for chameleon diamonds.
  • There is always a color combination in chameleon diamonds as well as diamond fluorescence.
  • Yellow, green, brown, and gray are some of the colors used in the combinations.
  • Diamonds of the chameleon type come in two varieties, classic and reverse.
  • Each chameleon diamond color is unique.

Are Their Options To Purchase Chameleon Diamond Earrings?

Chameleon diamonds are becoming increasingly popular for their eye-catching color-shifting capabilities. They are available in a wide variety of designs, from diamond pendants to earrings and more. It’s no wonder that these diamonds are gaining in popularity; they are truly one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.

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