What To Know About VVS Diamonds

Engraved On Artificial Diamonds
Engraved On Artificial Diamonds
Engraved On Artificial Diamonds
Engraved On Artificial Diamonds

When shopping for diamonds, it is important for you to know about different quality parameters that can affect these stones’ value. The cut, color, and carat weight are some of the important parameters that can have a great impact on the diamond’s value. Another significant attribute that you have to consider when getting diamonds is their clarity.

What To Know About Diamond Clarity

Both natural and artificial diamonds come with several impurities trapped inside them which result in the formation of inclusions and blemishes that can reduce the clarity of these stones. The clarity grade is used to measure the visibility and number of inclusions and blemishes present in diamonds. If there are higher amounts of impurities, it can affect the beauty and brilliance of the stone. Hence, such diamonds will have less value when compared to diamonds with no visible imperfections.

There are different clarity grades given for diamonds based on the visibility of imperfections. Diamonds with no visible inclusions even under 10x magnification are given the grades Flawless (FL) and Internally Flawless (IF). But these diamonds are extremely rare and very costly. It is not necessary to spend a huge amount to get the perfect diamonds, as diamonds with VVS clarity grades can also look flawless to the naked eye. Hence, you can save a huge amount on diamonds by getting these stones, instead of FL and IF diamonds.

Therefore, we list some of the important things you want to know about VVS diamond clarity.

VVS Diamonds

VVS or very very slightly included diamonds come with minute inclusions that are barely visible to the naked eye. However, these imperfections can be visible when viewed under 10x magnification. As these diamonds do not have any visible flaws when observed with the naked eye, they can be as stunning and brilliant as FL and IF diamonds.


The location of the inclusions carries great importance when determining the clarity grade. If the inclusions are close to the diamond’s edge, then their visibility will be low. Such diamonds are called VVS1 diamonds. On the other hand, if the inclusions are present in the center they have more visibility. These inclusions are known as VVS2 diamonds.

The clarity grade of a diamond can be analyzed with the help of grading reports. As both natural and lab grown diamonds can come with imperfections, you have to get grading reports when buying these stones. These reports can help you to verify that you are getting a diamond with better clarity grades and brilliance.

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