Lab-Grown Diamonds Vs Cubic Zirconia: What You Need To Know

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Engagement Rings
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Both lab-grown diamonds and cubic zirconia are excellent alternatives for people who look for cost-effective alternatives to natural diamonds. However, these stones are not the same. Even though they might look slightly similar in their appearance, they have a huge difference in terms of their properties. Therefore, it is important for you to know about these stones when choosing alternatives for organic diamonds.

Cubic Zirconia Vs Lab Grown Diamonds

Even though a lab-created diamond is developed artificially inside a laboratory, its features and properties are the same as natural diamonds that are formed beneath the surface of the earth. They have the same structure, hardness, durability, and other features as naturally formed diamonds. The only difference between natural and artificial diamonds is their origin; one is created through natural processes under the earth, while the other is man-made and developed inside a laboratory.

But the chemical composition and physical properties of cubic zirconia are entirely different from diamonds. Both natural and artificial diamonds are made of carbon atoms, whereas, cubic zirconia (CZ) is formed of zirconium dioxide.

There is a lot of comparable differences between diamonds and cubic zirconia. When you compare a natural and synthetic diamond side-by-side with naked eyes, you won’t be able to tell the difference, as their appearance, brilliance, fire, sparkle, etc. will be the same.

However, when you compare a real or artificial diamond along with a CZ, you can find noticeable differences. Unlike the brilliance created by diamonds, cubic zirconia will create a rainbow effect, which is the primary factor that can help you to identify this stone. CZ is also softer than diamonds which makes it vulnerable to damage and scratches.

The price of lab grown diamonds is highly affordable than organic ones. You can get a reduction of almost 40% by choosing synthetic diamonds.

Cubic zirconia is even more affordable than lab-created stones, which makes it a wonderful choice for people who are looking for engagement rings at cheap rates.

Lab-Grown Diamond Vs. Cubic Zirconia: Which Is The Best Choice For You?

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

If you want all the features of natural diamonds in your stone at more affordable rates, then lab-created stones can be a great choice for you. But if you do not have that much amount to spare, but still need a stone that looks like diamonds, then cubic zirconia can be for you.

Along with affordability, you should also consider the appearance, durability, strength, brilliance, etc. of these stones before choosing between them.

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