How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Hand?

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Engagement Rings

When choosing engagement rings, most people often give priority to factors like the setting of the ring, type of stones used, etc. They seldom consider whether the ring can match their hands. An engagement ring should flatter your hands, hence, it is significant to consider the features of your hands and fingers when getting the engagement ring. If you are not sure of how to choose the best engagement ring to suit your hand, then we are here to help you. The following are some suggestions that can be helpful when choosing engagement rings.

Small Hands

If you have small hands, then you don’t have to spend a huge amount on getting bigger stones, as small stones and delicate settings can match your hands. It is better to avoid overly elaborate and heavy settings and go for small stones and designs. Small round, princess, and heart-shaped diamonds can look great on small fingers.

Short Hands

Choose diamond shapes that can offer an elongated look to your fingers if you have short hands. Some of the best shapes you can consider include pear, oval, marquise, and emerald. These stones can flatter small hands with their elongated appearance.

Long Fingers

If you have long fingers, then you are lucky, as it will be possible for you to experiment with a wide variety of engagement ring styles.  Creative styles and settings can look good on your fingers, so don’t be afraid to choose something out of the box! You can choose various diamond shapes and ring settings, as anything can look stunning on your hands. Diamond cuts like cushion and Asscher can look especially appealing on your finger with their unique shapes.

Big Hands

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

If you have big, chubby hands, then it is better to go for bigger settings. However, getting a diamond with higher carat weights can be costly. Luckily, you can choose lab grown diamonds that can be 40% less costly than natural stones. By choosing these stones, you can get bigger diamonds at more affordable rates.  But if you are looking for something cheaper, then it is better to go for diamond simulants that can offer the look of diamonds but are non-precious stones.

Slim Fingers

You can go for minimalistic designs if you have slim fingers, as big diamonds and extravagant designs can look overwhelming on your fingers. Simple ring designs can greatly accentuate your slim fingers.

So when getting an engagement ring, consider the features of your hands to find the one that is perfect for you.

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