Getting Ethically Sourced Engagement Rings

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings
Engagement And Wedding Rings
Engagement And Wedding Rings

A lot of people now go for ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly engagement rings. The mining of gemstones and precious metals creates a lot of social and environmental issues. Millennial brides and grooms are now becoming more aware of such issues, hence, they try to choose ethical options for their engagement rings.

With the invention of lab-created gemstones including lab grown diamonds, moissanite, and cubic zirconia, it is possible for you to get more sustainable options for engagement rings. Additionally, rings made using recycled metals and gemstones are also becoming popular, as they can help to avoid the issues associated with making new jewelry.

If you are planning to get ethical options for your engagement and wedding rings, then we list some of the best options you can get.

Recycled Metals

Precious metals from old jewelry can be recycled and can be used to create new pieces of jewelry including engagement rings. If you have a piece of old jewelry, then you can take it to a jeweler to recycle. This can be a cost-effective and ethical option when compared to getting new rings. Different precious metals including gold, silver, and platinum can be recycled.

Recycled Gemstones

Like metals, gemstones can also be recycled. Some gemstones like diamonds are extremely durable, hence, they will last for centuries. If you have heirloom jewelry that comes with precious stones, then you can recycle the gemstones and mount them in a new setting. Both the gemstones and metal of your heirloom jewelry can be recycled to make a new engagement ring from it.

Are Natural Diamonds Sustainable?

Natural diamonds develop under the earth, hence, mining is needed to recover these stones. The mining of diamonds contributes to the destruction of land, water, and ecosystems. Additionally, a great amount of energy is required to mine these stones from the earth. Therefore, mined diamonds cannot be considered a sustainable option in any circumstance.

What Are Sustainable Diamonds?

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Recycled diamonds are considered a sustainable option, as they help to avoid the issues associated with the mining of new gemstones. Additionally, lab-grown diamonds are also considered a sustainable option, as they are grown inside a laboratory. Therefore, these stones are free of the environmental damage created by mined diamonds.

Also, the amount of energy required for the creation of these stones is extremely low when compared to mined diamonds. Therefore, lab grown diamonds can be a great option for people who are looking for ethical and sustainable diamonds.

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