Best Ring Settings For You To Consider?

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Engagement Rings

To get the perfect engagement ring that shows your love and compassion, you need to know about the different ring settings available for you. Engagement rings are available in several styles and settings. A few of the options that are in demand are as follows.

Pave Setting

Together with wedding bands, this setting can create an exquisite choice for your engagement rings. It comes with small diamonds set on the band of the ring thereby creating an illusion that the whole band is made of diamonds. Pave setting can be a great option for people who want an extravagant look and extra shine for their engagement rings.

You can combine the pave setting with other ring settings like the halo setting to create additional brilliance and sparkle to your engagement rings. It is also possible to get other gemstones, apart from diamonds, to include in your pave-set ring.

Channel Setting

Similar to pave setting, channel-set rings also come with small gemstones set on the ring’s band. It features two parallel metal strips that run along the entire circumference of the band. The stones are held by these metal strips thereby offering maximum security for your precious stones.

Nevertheless, be aware that engagement rings with paving and channel settings can be difficult for you to clean and maintain, as they involve a large number of stones.

Antique Or Vintage Setting

If you love the unique charm created by old designs, then antique or vintage rings can be suitable for you. If you prefer real antique rings that have been passed down through generations, then you can find a large number of online diamond dealers who sell old rings at affordable rates. However, if you want a freshly created ring with the exquisite elegance of old rings, then antique-style rings are suitable for you which are inspired by antique and vintage rings.

Solitaire Setting

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Being the popular option among couples, solitaire rings remain the traditional and timeless choice in engagement rings. Solitaire rings are all about their big center diamond, as they feature only a single stone. So, you will have to get a bigger diamond to enhance the appeal of your solitaire ring. Nevertheless, if getting a bigger diamond is not affordable for you, then try lab grown diamonds which are real diamonds that are made artificially.

Some other popular settings in engagement rings include halo setting, cathedral setting, tension setting, etc. Due to the extensive selections available, you can get an engagement ring that you like the best.

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