Are Colored Diamond Rings Fake?

Types Of Earrings
Types Of Earrings
Colored Diamonds
Colored Diamonds

So, do the stones in diamond rings really come in colors? Indeed, they do and these stones are way more precious and rare than other gems used in jewelry making. Let us dive in deep to understand what these colored wonders are.

Are “Colorless” Diamonds The Most Valuable?

When looking for a diamond ring or a diamond earring, most of us envision the transparent, colorless gemstone. Yes, if these gemstones have a yellow tint, their value will decrease. However, this is not to be confused with colored diamonds. Colored diamonds, also known as fancy-colored diamonds, are far more valuable and scarce.

Unlike colorless diamonds, colored diamonds are valuable regardless of size or clarity. Because of its rarity, the intensity of a diamond’s color is the most important of the four Cs.

Types Of Colored Diamonds

One colored diamond is mined for every ten thousand colorless diamonds. These diamonds are available in a variety of colors, ranging from red and yellow to blue, green, and even purple. These diamonds are classified into three groups based on their color.

Type I diamonds: Diamonds are made of carbon. If a foreign substance becomes trapped in the compressed carbon, it can affect the color of the diamond that is formed. These are known as type I diamonds. For example, the diamond formed by the reaction of nitrogen and carbon could be yellow or orange. Some pink, blue, and green diamonds contain nitrogen as well.

Type II diamonds: Some colored diamonds are less common than others. Nitrogen is almost completely absent in Type II diamonds. Only 2% of all diamonds discovered fit this description. These diamonds are formed when pressure is applied to carbon, causing it to change color.

Type III diamonds: In addition to the two ways mentioned above, some diamonds can have their color altered in other ways. These methods are widely known but not fully understood. This group of gems is known as type III diamonds. The green diamond is one of the best Type III diamond specimens. The color of these gems is caused by radiation exposure.

The Grading System For Coloured Diamonds

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

Colored diamonds are available in an infinite number of hues. However, graded color diamonds are typically available in 200-300 hues. Three factors must be considered when grading colored diamonds: the base, intensity, and secondary colors.


Colored diamonds are more valuable and rare than any other gems used in jewelry, even though they are known as “fancy diamonds”. So don’t fail to appreciate their rarity. They come in a variety of hues, intensities, and saturations; while some are unquestionably rarer than others.

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