Why People Prefer Trillion Cut For Their Lab-Grown Diamonds?

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Many customers these days prefer trillion cut diamonds for the accent stones in their diamond rings. Even though it is commonly used as accent stones, trillion cut diamonds work well as a center stone also. If you want something different from conventional diamond cuts, then trillion cuts are the right choice for you. Due to its unique shape, symmetry, and faceting structure, trillion cut is often bought by people who want to stand out in the crowd. The trillion diamond is a more uncommon option for those seeking something unique.

Since millennials mostly prefer lab-grown diamonds over natural diamonds, trillion cuts for lab-grown diamond rings are becoming a trend. If you are also preferring trillion cuts for your lab-grown diamonds, you should know more about them.


According to some historians, the trillion cut was first developed in the 1970s, but some others claim that it was the period when the henry Meyer Diamond Company trademarked the trillion cut. This manufacturer created the now-classic trillion cut in 1962. Soon after, the name was applied to all triangular-shaped brilliant-cut diamonds.

We will be able to find numerous different triangular brilliant cut diamonds if we look back even further in history. In the 18th century, Amsterdam is widely credited as the birthplace of trillion cuts. The modern Trillion cut has its official starting in 1962 New York, irrespective of where we can choose to make a distinction for its creation.

Using Trillion Cut As Side Stones For Lab-Grown Diamond Ring

In diamond rings, trillion cut lab-grown diamonds are generally used as side stones. Because of its shape, the cut makes the perfect side stone – the triangular shape enables it to perfectly complement the center stones in diamond rings. A trillion is typically cut with 31 facets and straight edges when used as a side stone.

Using Trillion Cut As Center Stones For Lab-Grown Diamond Ring

Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

The trillion cuts can also be used as the center stone. Trillion cuts have outstanding brilliance, which is something we all look for in our lab-grown diamonds and is ideal for a center stone. Trillion cuts, which are commonly used as center stones, typically have 50 facets, allowing for greater brilliance. The edges are typically curved or convex.

Benefits Of Trillion Cut Diamonds

When not cut too shallowly, the trillion cut provides excellent brilliance. This cut looks bigger than a round or princess-cut of comparable size, allowing you to maximize the diamond’s carat size. The trillion cut is a unique alternative to the conventional central piece diamond cuts.

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