Vintage Vs. Modern Ring Designs: Which Is The Better Option For You?

Types Of Earrings
Types Of Earrings
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Whether getting vintage or modern engagement rings can be a confusing task for many people. Both can be appealing options for your engagement ring and they can make your ring distinct with their special characteristics.

When choosing between modern and vintage engagement rings, there are a lot of parameters that you should consider, as there can be several significant differences between these options. Vintage rings can have a different feel and look when compared to modern rings because of different factors like metals used, gemstones, diamond cuts, and designs.

So if you are interested in knowing the differences between vintage and modern engagement rings, then read along.

Diamond Cuts

Diamond cut denotes how the facets are arranged in a diamond. This factor plays a crucial role in the brilliance and sparkle created by diamonds. If the cut is proportional and perfect, then the diamond can create a stunning shine.

The advanced equipment and tools available today make it possible to cut diamonds with great perfection. Therefore, modern engagement rings will contain the shiniest diamonds.

Vintage diamonds have deeper cuts, hence, they can look smaller than diamonds that are cut today. Vintage diamonds are cut in a way that they would sparkle in dim light. Some vintage diamond cuts such as the old mine cuts were created to show their great sparkle in the candlelight, as there was no electricity during that time. Hence, vintage diamonds have a different type of sparkle in comparison with modern diamonds.

Types Of Gemstones

You can find colored gemstones in vintage rings in addition to diamonds. They are more colorful and vibrant than modern rings. Also, the diamond shapes used in vintage rings are slightly different from that of modern rings.

Vintage rings can be a wonderful choice for people who love the unique look created by colored stones. Engagement rings with colored stones are also available today, but they might not have the intricate details that you can find in vintage rings.

Modern rings usually feature colorless diamonds, as most modern brides like the brilliant sparkle and cool look offered by these stones. Additionally, modern diamond rings can come with lab grown diamonds that are created artificially. But vintage rings come with natural stones only.

Metals Used

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

Yellow gold can be the commonly found option in vintage rings, but platinum and rose gold rings also exist.

Modern rings can also be made with white gold in addition to the other metals mentioned above.

Therefore, when choosing between vintage and modern rings, make sure that you are aware of their differences to make the right decision.

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