Best Ring Settings For People With An Active Lifestyle

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

When choosing diamond rings for everyday wear, it is important for you to be careful of the setting you choose, as some ring settings can get damaged easily. Settings like the 4-prong setting can expose more of the stone, and the protection provided by this setting for your diamond can be low when compared to many other ring settings. So if you lead an active lifestyle, it is important for you to get rings that can provide better protection for your diamonds.

Some of the best ring settings for people with an active lifestyle are mentioned below for you to choose from.

Bezel Setting

If you value the protection and security of your stone more than anything, then a bezel-set ring is the best bet for you. This setting covers your center diamond using a metal strip thereby preventing your stone from becoming vulnerable to damage.

In addition to offering maximum safety for your diamond, this setting can provide a sleek, modern appeal to your ring. Hence, it creates a great choice for millennial brides. If you prefer your ring to have a subtle glow instead of the vibrant shine offered by a prong setting, then bezel-set rings can be suitable for you.

But there are some disadvantages associated with the bezel setting. As this setting covers the major portion of the diamond including the girdle, only the top surface of your stone will be visible. Also, this setting limits the light entering the stone because of the metal rim covering the diamond. Hence, the brilliance offered by this ring can be lower than many other ring settings including the prong setting.

Channel Setting

Here, the stones are arranged inside a channel-like structure that is formed using metal strips. As this channel covers the girdle of the diamonds, they can be less vulnerable to chipping and fracture. Channel setting can be suitable for both engagement rings as well as wedding bands. As this setting offers better protection for natural and lab grown diamonds or other gemstones, it can be perfect for people with an active lifestyle.

Flush Setting

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

As the name suggests, this particular setting features stones that are flush set with the metal of the band. As the stones do not protrude out of the band, the chance for them to snag on things is nil. Hence, if you do not want your ring to interfere with your everyday activities, the flush setting can be an excellent choice for you.

If you prefer the prong setting, but want enhanced safety for your stone, then go for 6-prong or v-prong settings that can offer better protection for the diamond when compared to the 4-prong setting.

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