Why Do People Prefer Round Diamonds?

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For the greater part of a century, round brilliant diamonds have been the preferred diamond cut and style for most jewelry, particularly engagement rings. The cut has been around for more than 600 years, according to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and has evolved from the Old European round cut to the brilliant cut we see today.

In this article, we will take a look at the properties of round diamonds and why it is popular among people.

Significance Of The Round Shape

In comparison to the more modern brilliant cut, the Old European variety of the round cut had a smaller table, shorter facet lengths, and various other variations. Marcel Tolkowsky invented the dazzling cut in 1919, and it continues to entice purchasers even today.

Round brilliant cuts account for 75% of all diamonds sold. Their appeal stems from their flawless circular shape as well as the extraordinary fire and brilliance created by the facets. Round stones have a timeless appeal that makes them stand out in any environment.

The round brilliant’s versatile shape makes it excellent for traditional solitaire settings. Because round diamonds have the highest brilliance, they can be worn alone without the addition of side stones. The brilliant cut, which radiates the most fire and flashes the complete spectrum of colors to accent any gemstone, also works well with colorful gemstones.

Are Round Diamond Rings Expensive?

Since the round diamond engagement rings are more popular, they will hold their value better over time. While the popularity of some diamond cutters fluctuates with fashion trends and celebrity whims, the round brilliant remains popular. The round brilliant has been the go-to form for investment-grade diamond purchases for years because it evokes timeless elegance and has persisted for generations.

Not only will the round diamond retain its worth, but the versatility of the ring will allow you to alter it up without having to buy a new center diamond as trends change. Many couples decide to redesign their engagement ring or add to their

diamond cut

current jewelry. All setting styles, as well as all cuts and hues of side stones, can be accommodated by a round stone. Any changes to a round engagement ring made to commemorate an anniversary might be based on the beauty and everlasting beauty of the original round brilliant diamond.

Final Thoughts

Round diamonds have stood the test of time for hundreds of years, and the round brilliant cut is still the most popular engagement ring shape. The round brilliant cut’s brilliance and fire, prompted by the cut’s numerous facets, let it work in a variety of settings, from solitaires to diamond-bedecked halos.

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