Best Romantic Engagement Ring Styles

Natural Diamonds
Natural Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

The day of your wedding will be one of the greatest days in your life. Nobody will forget this memorable and romantic day, but it all begins with a stunning engagement ring. Most people have trouble finding the best engagement rings because of the wide range of styles and designs out there. If you are having trouble finding a romantic engagement ring for your loved one, this article might help you.

Three-Stone Oval Cut

It is difficult to think of anything more ideal than a jaw-dropping, three-stone diamond ring for the bride who wishes everyone knows that she’s happily married. This engagement ring style offers wonderful sparkle that makes the wearer stand out in the crowd.

Emerald Cut With Accent Diamonds

Many people are now considering an emerald cut engagement ring because of the rise in popularity of emerald cut diamonds. When you are looking for romantic engagement rings, the emerald cut is a conventional choice, but triangle accent stones finish the appearance.

Cushion Cut Morganite Ring

This pink stone is a gemstone akin to emeralds and aquamarines, not a diamond. The shades vary from a pale blush to bold salmon pink. Morganite is a somewhat uncommon stone, which makes it a perfect choice to represent your real love.

Pear Cut With Halo Setting

Pear-cut diamond engagement rings are fashionable, but they may also be extremely romantic with a few changes. This ring features a fine gold setting and a halo of stones of varied sizes to highlight the pear shape.

Three-Stone Ring With Halo Setting

This is an excellent option if you like the notion of a three-stone ring. To produce a cluster look, each stone is ringed with one bigger halo rather than an individual halo. This style of ring is great if you wish to build a ring set with a matching wedding band.

Pear-Cut With Double Band

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

Choose a pear-cut diamond with a double band if you want a beautiful engagement ring that’s also a little out of the ordinary. The pink diamond and gold settings are a perfect combination for a romantic evening out.

Solitaire Princess Cut

“Romantic” doesn’t have to imply choosing an extravagant ring. Solitaire engagement rings are usually a favorite for brides looking for beautiful, simple engagement jewelry.

Lab-Grown Diamond Ring

If your partner is conscious of the environmental impacts of diamond mining, then the most romantic thing that you can do is propose with a lab-grown diamond ring. Diamonds created in a lab are ethical and eco-friendly.

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