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You can have many advantages by choosing elongated diamond shapes instead of traditional round diamonds. Elongated diamonds can be a distinct choice in contrary to the classic look offered by round brilliants. Additionally, elongated diamonds can offer a slender and longer look to your fingers.

Another benefit of elongated diamonds is that they can look bigger than round diamonds of the same carat weight, as they are usually shallower. Also, these diamond shapes are about 25% less expensive than their round counterparts. Therefore, you can get a bigger diamond for cheaper rates by choosing such diamond shapes. In addition to this, these diamonds are also available as natural and lab grown diamonds which allows you to choose a stone based on your budget and ethical values. So elongated diamond shapes can be an excellent choice for your engagement rings.

There is a wide variety of options available for you when looking for elongated diamonds. These diamonds vary greatly in terms of their properties and look. The following are some of the best options you can get if you prefer elongated diamond shapes:

Oval Diamonds

If you want something close to the look and brilliance offered by round diamonds, then an oval cut can be an awesome choice for you. They can be considered as an elongated version of round brilliants. Oval diamonds can offer stunning sparkle and they can be a classic choice for your engagement rings.

If you want a diamond that covers more of your fingers for much more affordable price ranges, the oval-cut diamonds can be a stunning choice for you.

But when getting oval diamonds, make sure to avoid an issue called the “bowtie” effect. This problem affects most elongated diamond shapes thereby reducing their appeal. Therefore, observe your oval diamonds closely to find out whether they carry a shadow inside the stone in the shape of a bowtie.

Marquise Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Marquise-cut diamonds have the look of our eyes with pointed corners and a rounded center. The top surface area of marquise diamonds is more than round diamonds, hence, they look bigger.

But when choosing marquise diamonds, be careful to get a ring setting that protects the sharp corners of these diamonds to prevent their chipping.

Emerald Diamonds

Emerald diamonds characterize rectangular shapes with cut corners that can prevent chipping. Even though the brilliance of this diamond shape is lower than the other, it offers a unique look for engagement rings because of the “hall of mirrors” effect created by it.

Some other elongated diamond shapes you can consider are pear, rectangular cushion diamonds, etc. Therefore, your options are enormous when choosing rectangular diamond shapes.

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